18 July 2010

Swedish vintage ceramic design

Stig Lindberg (1916-1982) is of Sweden's greatest an most popular designers. His design is used in thousand's of homes. Vases, teacups, bowls and ashtrays signed Lindberg could be find in almost every home in the 60's. Most popular are the series Spisa Ribb, Berså and Terma. Lindberg's design stretched further than porcelain. He worked on a number of projects for Gustavsberg factory, designed televisions for Luma and even made illustrations for children's books. Today, his work is highly desirable, and the price of even simple pieces of his designs are high.

Signe Persson Melin- Swedish design icon. During her breakout success at the H55 exhibition in Helsingborg , she debuted with a series of spice jars with a rustic appearance. Since then she had a big production of both everyday and more artistic objects. Signe has specialized in pottery for over 50 years, and although her designs have been brought to life in glass and other materials, it is stoneware that she is most well known for. Spice jars, beer glasses, cutlery and dishes found in many Swedish homes, and she has left its mark on many public places, such as the Central Station in Stockholm. Today she works from her own studio in the city of Malmö in southern Sweden. She has been presented with the Exellent Swedish Design award on several occasions.

What struck me the most that these designs are really found in Swedish homes. Even mine! I was so surprised that i have Signes tee pot. I discovered this designers through a TV show- Antik magasinet. Theirs design has to be practical and functional but aestheticlly still simple and beautiful. More and more we shop "made in China " the mass produced items, great design will never come to our homes. A 5 set tee cup from Linbergs design will cost you around 85 EUR and little bowl with Signes sign is around 150 EUR. More or less collectors and people that have little more under their belt are the only ones who can afford it. These unique items will never get to be used for what they are made for and they get to be displayed more as works of art.


vio said...

i bought this belt on the flea market! :)

CMA said...

how great, your blog is awesome!
you've got a wonderful collection of inspiration
keep it up, and thanks for sharing


Nanangel said...

hola!!! gracias por unirte a nuestro blog, esperamos te guste y podamos compartir muchas cosas!!!



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