22 April 2010


First street style that catch my eye was Tokyo's. Whole japans culture is fascinating, the scenery, gardens, architecture... Street style blast off last couple of years, every major fashion site has at least one page about it. Maybe we are tired of imitating famous people styles, so polish and perfect, which cant be done in real life....
Photographers are following famous models outside shows, people important to the fashion industry became famous because of their style and not beacuse of their contribution to the fashion! Did you ask your self when you saw some girl in fashion magazine all the time, who the fuck is she?! Like Alexa Chung i like her style and all, but till this day i don't know what is she doing except showing up on show and party's, where they take pictures of her.. Not only her, there is thousands girls like this..
Maybe one day you gonna have your 5 minutes of fame on some blog..like mine :D... How much blogs there is about street fashion?! Every city has at laest one site like this. I even found Ljubljana's street style, which was hilarious...i wont say anything more, check it your self, don't wanna insult my own country :DD..
Tokyo's, London's and Stockholm's street styles are the most innovative then others , people want to be different and stand out from the crowd. A lot of designer go and take inspiration from streets... Good advice! So maybe we are newer gonna see again that horrible 18 centimeters or more high heels! Fashion has to be practical and for the people, nobody want to be unable to sit or walk! Don't get me wrong i understand art side of fashion- the unwearable side,some peaces from designers like Alexander McQueen, Jean Paul Gaultier, etc..They are(were) genius!

If you know a littlebit about Japan fashion, you know how Lolita,Gothic and Neo fashion looks like. Over the top, very much costumy. Mostly by music, cartoon and every day characters inspired.. I would dress like that too if i would live i Tokyo :D! But i dont.. As i said make fashion practical,  so what I can do is draw inspiration from them. Here are some pictures which are more main stream, walking around without turning heads.

here some of my favurite sites :


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