8 March 2011

Rest in paradise

This is Kimba. Friends rottweiler Kimba was put to sleep due to her hart defect.
R.I.P! We shall miss you Kimba!

Pets are gods gifts ...here to teach us how to love and respect..

see video about Oden:


Cube said...

I'm always very sad when some animal suffer.. I prefer them then humans - they don't cheat they don't lie they are faithfully and lovable - they give you heart ... I understand pain and suffering.. 3 years ago died my cat - Mika she was with me 23 years .. she was my best friend my sister my companion .. I couldn't make myself better long long time after .. Its that when we love more animals then those what call them Highest species

Elizabeth said...

Sorry about Kimba :(

x Elizabeth / In Between Seams

ANewPairOfVintageBoots said...

oh no how sad :( I hate it when precious pets die.
Kimba was really pretty (:


Fiamma said...

Such a cute little dog! Lovely!



Fashion Cappuccino said...

So adorable! I'm so sorry to hear about this but I'm sure she lived a very happy and peaceful life! xoxoxxoo

holierthannow said...

omg just discovered your blog via IFB links forum... crying! that video... amazing. I'm sorry to hear about Kimba.

just followed you via friend connect. keep in touch! HUGS xo


Holier than Now

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Victoria said...

I'm sorry about kimba. These photos are adorable and you captured your dog so well. xx animals are a gift!

olivka said...

oh! i'm crying. i have the dog too.

Cecilia said...

So sorry for your dog.
I can only say that the pics are gorgeous, he must has been a wanderful animal.
Follow you back and thanks for your lovley words



ChanelAfterCoco said...

I'm reaaally sorry about your dog! may he rest in peace!

Tereza Anton said...

R.I.P. Kimba
I know this pain, I experienced 4 times, 4 dog...
I send a big hug and a kiss.

JoJo said...

how sad :(
im so sorry!
i just love animals - she was gorgeous!!


Lucy said...

i am sorry for your loss :(
she was one cute puppy and it is sad to see her go.

rest in peace kimba :(

Melissa Barefoot said...

thank you so much for your comment! this is such a sweet post. such beautiful photographs. and i couldn't agree more with the quote at the end, i know my pup always teaches me how to love. best, XO.

Melissa Barefoot said...

i also meant to say i'm sorry for your loss... <3

Tracy said...

I am so sorry about Kimba! My last dog was a female rottie, her name was Banshee. I haven't been able to get another since I lost her! :(

Kendra M said...

TOTALLY.ADORABLE.My heart is melting.

LaVerella said...

Oh I love the pics.
I have also a dog, a Siberian Husky, lovely!!! :)

♥ Verena-Annabella


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